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 A prayer to Takhisis

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PostSubject: A prayer to Takhisis   Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:17 am

*Kai Darkblade kneels and looks to the stars*

My queen, your enemies have taken possession of the Blue Crystal Staff. I did what I could to thwart their attempts, but I failed because I did not have the aide of your unending power. Grant me the power to take your armies to all new heights of power and right the wrong that was done to you this night. If I, your humble servant is granted your aide, we shall bring the Dragon Armies to all new heights of power. Glory to the Queen of Darnkess!

Your humble servant,

*he rises from his prayer and begins preparations for his revenge against those who wronged his queen and took away her rightful possession.*

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A prayer to Takhisis
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