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 Nadrin's Transformation

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PostSubject: Nadrin's Transformation   Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:37 am

For many years Nadrin lived in the deep realms of the forest. He would evade as well as be frightened of any outsider. But his mere curiosity would change the course of his life. Coming upon Solace, he never remembered a day when he was more cautious. Sticking close to the rocks and trees, he went around observing the happenings that were taking place outside of his forest world. Over time, Nadrin came upon the reality that some of these outsiders were nice, while others were rather mean to him. Hence the term "Meanies!"

There came moments when the tensions between Nadrin and the "meanies" was too great. Groups such as Death Knights took advantage of opportunities, when Nadrin was in their presence, to cause great harm to him. Lucky for Nadrin, his speed kept him safe, and he would retreat either to the ones that were nice to him, or take refuge amongst his beloved forest.

Because of his curiosity mixed in with great anxiety, he spent a great amount of time in the forest practicing Tai Chi, as well as other forms of meditation. Though meditation was a key factor to his well being, Nadrin was still troubled. His shy demeanor caused many to not show much respect for him or even acknowledge his very existence. Even so, Nadrin would find opportunities to help when he could.

Recently, Marshall Frangwe of the Qualinesti freed the Kagonesti people. An elven alliance had formed. Nadrin took this opportunity to take on Orcs however he could. Dashing from one end of the Qualinesti woods to the next, many Orcs fell to his fists stunning blows. This endeavor of dashing around and punching Green Skins continued until a shift of events would change everything. Nadrin stumbled upon General Orlaith of the Solamnians. The General took notice of Nadrin by acknowledging his great speed, stealth, knowledge of the woods, and the ability to speak both common and elven. General Orlaith offered Nadrin to be the Chief Scout for the Solamnians. Nadrin was shocked! No one had ever offered Nadrin such a position before. A resonating force went through his whole body, and he accepted the Generals task.

Before going to the Solamnians, Nadrin first went to speak with Chief Elder Flying Eagle on what had occurred. Chief Eagle, along with the whole Kagonesti clan were most proud. Nadrin stood taller than ever before, for he would be representing his people with great honor. A ceremony began for Nadrin's achievements as well as a focus on calling upon the spirits of the forest for Nadrin's protection. His people. the forest, the spirits....the powerful essence of all their energies coming upon Nadrin were great. Each energy had their say. The people placed upon Nadrin tattoos in two distinct colors. Green, which represented the forest, and white, which represented the energy of one with good heart. Next the forest's power came over Nadrin. Its nutrients, its protection, gave him great joy. The Kagonesti people were amazed at the sight. Nadrin's hair sprouted as the vines of a plant, but at a rapid pace. Finally came the spirits, which were the spirits of the ancestors and the spirits of the forest, and they took hold of Nadrin. Nadrin fell to his knees overcome by the radiance of their presence. When it was bearable to stand, he opened his eyes to see a bright blue light reflecting off the tree trunks unlike he had ever seen. Nadrin moved to an area that possessed calm waters. When looking at his reflection, he could not believe his eyes...literally. He had always possessed radiant blue eyes, but this was different. His eyes glowed brighter and more radiant than they ever before.

Just prior to the ceremony being completed, the people did not bid him farewell, but rather indicated to him that they would see him again. For that was the mindset of the Kagonesti. Either in flesh or in spirit, they would be together again. Nadrin looked one last time at his clan, then set off to help the Solamnians as well as the elven forces in the defense of Qualinost.

Nadrin new one thing was certain....he was not the shy young elf he once was. He was turing into a young adult. And thus is the tale of Nadrin and his transformation.
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Nadrin's Transformation
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