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 The Rise of the Fighter's.

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PostSubject: The Rise of the Fighter's.   Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:18 pm

Stepping off the dock into Port o' Call, Allinor glances over and nods to Vastiah, and motions over his shoulder to the contingent of Fighter Academy guards behind him. They moved with coordinated precision, rounding up the Port o' Call guards and relieving them of their weapons, using force only if required, but most cooperated with them. All but one guard showed any resistance, even after his comrades had surrendered he still refused to lay down his sword.

'How interesting. He has spirit.' Allinor thought.

Stepping forward to face this guard, Allinor looked him in the eyes,
"....I am Allinor Shadowsong....second in command of the Fighter's Academy...."

"So if I challenge you and win, your troops will leave...?"

".....yes....but reconsider.....I am only seventeen and am already the second in command of a group of will not win against will die for nothing.....this is your last chance.....surrender your weapons and go quietly...."

The guard strode forward, lited his blade, and thrust it into the ground, giving Port o' Call over to the Academy without a fight.
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The Rise of the Fighter's.
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