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 Fighters Guild Disaster

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Guild Disaster   Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:21 am

A letter is sent to Allinor

Quote :

While I should like to begin this letter with my usual sort of wit, I fear that the occasion of my writing would leave such in poor taste.

I believe your Academy to have a serious issue, far larger than simply a ruined building.

It began in Solace the evening past, when Vastiah began to act strangely. He said he just wanted to see everyone die and watch everything burn. And while I, of all people, bear no objection to fire his behaviour was all sorts of irrational.

He was acting like a child who had lost their favorite toy and thus had taken it upon themselves to smash what then belonged to others.

Departing the area to speak privately with Silver on a matter, in the middle of our discussion a call went up that the Academy in Longridge was on fire. It would seem that Vastiah had his wish, everything was burning.

The building could burn for all I cared, Vastiah wanted nothing.. well he could have it. My purpose in going was to lend aid for those who could possibly be injured from his foolish behaviours.

I found some Magi attempting to lend aid upon arrival, but as help was offered Vastiah was screaming at all us to get out. Men, soldiers were dying all around us and he wanted no help, would take no aid for those falling. It was then that part of the building collapsed and we were forced to flee before the rest of the structure came down upon us.

Vastiah was still inside, at last I knew.. sitting there to simply watch all the destruction take place.

The man is unstable at best, dead at worst and honestly after this incident completely unfit to continue in his course of leadership. However I am no member of your Academy, so the decision is ultimately up to your members.

As a Priestess of Fire, I know truths of the Flame.

Fire is useful. Through flame, impurities burn away. Think of this as a trial not by which the Academy falls, but by which the broken pieces have been revealed and burned away so that something new and great can be built.

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Fighters Guild Disaster
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