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 A black sun rises

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PostSubject: A black sun rises   Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:10 am

It was late and the rain continued to pelt down on the lands below. Ziggy was just finishing his rounds in Haven counting the minutes until the next shift came to relieve him. Today had been a typically uneventful day and Ziggy felt more tired today than on a busy night. He chuckled to himself joking about his age catching up to him. Ziggy looked into the sky to find it completely void of stars. A bad omen in the tales he heard, but he never put any stock into these old superstitions anyway. The way the night was going the only bad think was not having enough to do. He began to day dream about past adventures like he always did when he was bored. This time he was reliving the quest to save his family from the clutches of the Dragon Armies. He remembered organizing a small army and how perfectly the plan went. He once again savored the look of absolute joy as he found each and everyone of his family members. About the time he was hugging Zoey he was given a pat on his shoulder. He snapped out of his day dream and saw his relief armed and ready to take post. It only took a minute to brief his replacement of the events of the evening and rushed on home. On nights when he would work late Alexis, his wife, would stay awake just to make him something to eat. He walked into the stronghold and was greeted by a few guards. The aroma of fresh bread greeted him as he neared the kitchen. Sure enough his wife had set him out some dinner. He sat down and with famished excitement began to eat. He looked around for Alexis to come through the door to visit him...but she never did. He simply suspected she had fallen asleep again like she has in the past. As he was eating a steady flow of seekers were coming and going. A lot of traffic for how late it was, but Ziggy shrugged it off and drank some water. Still no sign of Ziggy got up to find her and ensure she was okay. When he got to his quarters he was surprised to see that the door seemed slightly ajarred. He cautiously opened the creaking door only to be greeted by darkness. Now Ziggy was sure that there was a problem. The torch was always left burning until he got home, but not tonight. The dark was unnerving and he reached for the torch brackett...empty. The concern built upon itself as he fumbled through is pack looking for a torch. Nothing could have prepared him for what came next. The irredencent glow of the torch begain to illumniate the room. Further in the room he saw a pile of what appeared to be clothes. He moved closer and dropped the torch stunned by disbelif. It wasn't clothes..It was the bodies of his family. Ziggy went hystarical calling out his family's names ask what happened, and who did this. The worst part was looking at the frozen screaming face of his youngest daughter. Ziggy knelt there and wept for what seemed like hours. He gathered himself and started to look around. Next to the bodies he found a Seeker blade with fresh blood on it. No doubt in his mind it was the murder weapon. He began putting the clues together and came up with a startling conclusion. The seekers were responsible. All the evidence supported this theroy and there was no doubt in his mind about who was responsible. It was a seeker stronghold, only seekers could get in and out. The seeker blade was the murder weapon. Hiddukel has forced him to join by using his family as collateral for service to the seekers. Hiddukel had threatened to kill his family at one point. And someone would have needed access to the patrol schedules in order to ensure that he was not there to protect his family. About this time a couple seekers came into his room and saw the grisly sight. His attention snapped to them and he immediantly started to question them about who did it. Obviously, in his mind, they claimed to have no knowledge of this. He could not control his rage and he snapped killing all three of the seeker's. He left the stronghold ripping off the emblem of the seeker's from his clothing and wept. Suddenly the night grew even darker and he drew his blade ready for anything. All he was presented with was a voice on the wind. The voice offered to help him find the murderers of his family and he agreed to accept the help. Ziggy was informed that it would take some time to find the one who ordered the deaths, but he did supply a list of people to "question" in regards to the deaths of his family. It was now time for revenge......
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PostSubject: Re: A black sun rises   Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:18 am

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A black sun rises
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