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PostSubject: Role Play Guide Lines   Role Play Guide Lines I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 11:37 am

This a Role Play server

1. “Play how you like as long as you don’t impair the role play experience of others.”
2. “Be authentic to your character and the setting.”
3. “Always treat your fellow players, DMs and developers with respect.”
This is a role-play server, always make sure that you do not compromise the stories, setting and IC experience of others - Don't mention or use OOC terms and mechanism, such as game mechanisms, in IC action. Never intentionally spoil the atmosphere that your fellow players may be experiencing, but instead, always strive to enhance it. If you at times grow tired of interacting with others, go to secluded areas and avoid contact rather than slacking on acting IC and in respect of the role play experience.

If you're in doubt about rule two, confer to the role play manifest, as well as relying on rule one and three. We won’t stop you from playing an evil character, but alignment is no excuse for violating rule number one and three. Give each other due respect OOC even if your characters do not IC. Your character's personality is no excuse for simply being a nuisance to others. It's your responsibility that those you interact with have a rewarding experience when coming to role play here.
Role play is about creating an illusion of an alternative reality, and for it to work, it needs to be fairly consistent without too many disturbing elements. To some extent, all players have to have some common aim of what this illusion should be about.

There's many ways to do role play, and we don't want to judge one as better than the other. Some people might prefer the humorous, while others value it for it's authenticity. Some wish it to be about incredible strength and power, while others wish it to be centered around the more mundane. We respect all these preferences as having equal merit, but we have to have a common definition none the less. We are a fantasy/Krynn oriented role play world. We aren't so zealous that we ask you to abstain from any elements that does not fit in to this in your own private space on the server between known friends. But for the general atmosphere, we ask you to use this as your inspiration when role playing in the more public space and otherwise interacting with those likewise interested (DMs and players).

This implies that when taking part in events or interactions that aspire toward the more serious role play, don't break it off by humorous, silly, corny or cheesy remarks or actions. It implies that when people role play deeply psychological horror elements, not to have your character stand out as invulnerable and without any weakness or fear. It implies some humbleness and not demand a superior amount of attention or exceptionally important role. It implies doing an effort in seeking into the core of the roleplay scenes that others try to build with you - DMs and players - to add to as well as appreciate the atmosphere, dwell upon the mystery rather than trivialize or expose it, to let events happen naturally instead of pushing things, work for the subtle rather than the blatant.

Don't run ahead during events or dungeon exploration. Don't push things, act loud or hysterically to get a central role in the role play. Use your common sense - we know you have it.

Role play is so powerful because you can, by mutual creativity, create a whole world out of nothing but your shared imagination. This is the aim of this place, but we can only offer it to you as a potential - how great it actually becomes is in your hands, and it only takes one person to ruin it for all other present. Always keep
this in mind, respect the effort people do, and whenever you can, work to make it even better.


- Please remain in-character when around others and try to keep "Out of Character" (OOC) comments to a minimum, preferably in tells.

- If you need to give a OOC message to multiple persons, and do not have time to send tells to multiple people, mark it by putting "//" or "ooc:" in front. Please try to do this only if it's relevant to all who will be able to see it.

Hateful/Bigoted language *will not be tolerated*. You can quote freedom of speech until you are blue in the face, but you will still be punished. Hateful language includes, but is not limited to, derogatory remarks against any person or group of people based on skin color, ethnic type, sexual orientation, or gender.

If you get into an argument, please keep calm and try to reason with the other player - try not to let it get out of hand. Get a DM if the problem is out of hand. When the DM ask both to settle down, Please do so.

If you have a complaint against a fellow player or even a DM then you may request help from another DM by using the DM channel. A DM (if on) will arrive as quickly as possible. The DM Staff is here to help the players to enjoy the server.

If a DM asks you to stop doing something, then do so. Willfully ignoring a DM will get you punished.

Do not try to pit Dm's against each other, there will be no tolerance of the back and forth like mother to father to get a ruling changed just because you do not agree with it.

Excessively deteriorating, disruptive or disrespectful behavior, both by OOC and the elements you bring into IC, is not permitted. Always consider the experience of those you role play with, and strive to avoid OOC aggravation or grief. If you experience someone that you feel are disruptive, deteriorating or disrespectful to you, contact them and inform them of this. If they fail to cease, report it to a DM, and it will be evaluated.
Always prioritize the OOC overall enjoyment of your fellow role players higher than IC. This doesn't mean that you can't ever impose negative consequences or loss - a conceivable line of events and an element of risk can be in the benefit of the general experience - but remember that we as players and DMs decide OOCly what we bring into the game, so ultimately we are responsible for it too. Never use IC as an excuse to lessen the OOC experience of others. Don't create characters that will only become a nuisance or aggravation. And when going into conflict with others, strive to make it an enjoyable experience for the player, even if it's despair and frustration for the character.

Conversely, try to be open to others approach to the roleplay and remember that what may be unfriendly and unappealing IC can be quite different OOC. Being able to enjoy things that your character despises makes the roleplay much more enjoyable for all. Distinct clearly between what's IC and OOC. Don't let a character's disagreement with your character become a disagreement between you and the other player. Keeping in check OOCly when playing out aggressive or provoking interaction ICly is always a good idea.

-If it should happen that you feel some ones actions IC is too much frustration for you OOC or ruins your role playing experience, contact the person OOC in a friendly manner and try to reach mutual understanding of the source of this aggravation and find a solution that both can agree to. In the same way, if someone contacts you concerning how your own character's actions frustrates them OOC, be open to suggestions and work to keep a friendly OOC environment. Work on something that both sides can agree with. To Ruin a players RP fun is no fun for both. Work it our so both are content with a RP. If the Player or Players refuse to work things out you have the right to Simply walk away from it.
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Role Play Guide Lines
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