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 Petition for Entry to the Order of the Sword

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Clion Kilnor
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Dragon Rider
Clion Kilnor

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PostSubject: Petition for Entry to the Order of the Sword   Sun May 16, 2010 11:03 am

High Council,

Thru time and training I now submit my petition to join the order of the sword. I have walked the lands for many days now and with a unsettling fact growing in my head each day, that is evil is growing as well and trying to become stronger.

I have shown the lands that the order of the crown is strong and growing. With new recruit entering and learning the ways of the order we can only hope to bring the evil to justice and send it back to the hells it comes from. Our faith and blessings from Paladine we will succeed.

I can only offer my teachings and skills to the Order of the Sword and pass on to others the new ways and skill I can learn from the sword. I will continue my ways of faith to the lands and people.

Est Sularus Oth Methas

Zula Nightwind Lord Knight of the Crown.
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Petition for Entry to the Order of the Sword
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