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 Monks and the Holy Orders

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PostSubject: Monks and the Holy Orders   Monks and the Holy Orders I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2012 2:03 pm

In the earliest days of the Age of Dreams, Majere
handed down the knowledge and practices that
led to the foundation of Krynn’s monks. Throughout
the ages since, this tradition of discipline and ascetic
self-improvement has been kept more or less intact in
scattered monastic communities hundreds of miles
from each other, in remote areas out of sight of the
world. Monks are few and far between, honoring Majere
even in his absence. Their ties to the church of Majere
are often purely theological, although a number of these
communities also support clerics and austere devotees,
as well as monks.

Apart from Majere, what few monks there are on
Krynn honor Gilean, Zivilyn and (rarely) Sargonnas
or Takhisis. The latter are fallen monks, outcasts lost
to evil and darkness, spoken of in hushed whispers by
their former brethren. A monk does not require a divine
patron to practice his incredible skills, but the focus that
comes with daily meditation and prayer is a balm that
eases the soul.

Krynnish monks that have chosen Majere as a
patron deity are capable of freely multiclassing as
clerics of that god. All other monks, even those who
honor compatible deities such as Zivilyn or Sargonnas,
must keep to the restrictions provided in the Player’s
Handbook when multiclassing as clerics.

The Emmide

An emmide is a long, willowy pole weapon related to
the quarterstaff. Originally used by the elves as a means
of knocking fruit from trees, its use has been refined
by the monks of Majere into a versatile means of selfdefense
and protection.

An emmide has reach, so you can strike opponents
up to 10 feet away with it. In addition, unlike most
other weapons with reach, it can be used against an
adjacent foe. Like the quarterstaff, the emmide is a
double weapon. You can fight with it as if fighting with
two weapons but if you do, you incur all the normal
penalties associated with fighting with two weapons,
just as if you were using a one-handed weapon and a
light weapon. If you make attacks with both ends of the
emmide, you can alternate reach with each end or keep
it the same for both.

The unique fighting style associated with the
emmide focuses on unbalancing an opponent. It can
therefore be used to make trip attacks, and if you are
tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the
emmide to avoid being tripped.

An emmide is an exotic weapon. Without spending
an Exotic Weapon Proficiency (emmide) feat on the
weapon, it functions exactly like a quarterstaff. A
monk may use an emmide as a special monk weapon,
allowing access to additional options. A monk with the
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (emmide) feat has the most
options of all.

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Monks and the Holy Orders
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