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 Rangers and the Holy Orders

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Rangers and the Holy Orders Empty
PostSubject: Rangers and the Holy Orders   Rangers and the Holy Orders I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2012 3:52 pm

A ranger that wishes to cast spells from the ranger
list at 4th level and beyond requires a patron
deity. Rangers are elite trackers, woodsmen, guides,
and wilderness warriors, and their choice of patron
depends largely on their alignment. Habbakuk is by
far the most commonly revered ranger deity, granting
spells to good rangers and some neutral ones. Chislev
has a few rangers among her worshippers, working
in conjunction with her druids and clerics. Of the
evil gods, Sargonnas is a popular choice for rangers
that have turned to the path of the bounty hunter or
vigilante, with Zeboim claiming some seagoing rangers
as her own.

Rangers do not form part of any of the Holy Orders
per se, although they are acknowledged by clerics of
their patron deity. They do not require a medallion
of faith. Few actively pursue religious training or
leadership. Instead, they bring aid to and work closely
with the priesthoods, churches, and cults in areas
struggling with the wild

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Rangers and the Holy Orders
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