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 Druids and the Holy Orders

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PostSubject: Druids and the Holy Orders   Druids and the Holy Orders I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2012 3:51 pm

Although most druids are committed to the worship
of Chislev, Habbakuk, or Zeboim, almost any deity
that permits its clergy to take on a neutral component
to their alignment can be the patron of a druid. Druids
gain their power through their god’s manifestation
within the world in whatever way it sees fit, so a druid
of Reorx might revere the power of the mountain and
the earth, and a druid of Paladine might revel in the
power of the sun and light. The standard triad of nature
gods, however, are by far the most common of druid
patrons and more likely to have cults and churches that
accept druids openly

Druids without access to a patron deity lose all of
their supernatural abilities and spells. Thus, there were
no true druids in the Age of Despair until knowledge
of the true gods returned. Likewise, many prospective
druids in the early Age of Mortals turned to mysticism
but failed to regain their wild shape abilities.

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Druids and the Holy Orders
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